3rd Grade Reading Workbook (2020)

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We will be using the NC Ready Reading book as part of our reading instruction in 3rd grade this year.  We have used this book for the past several years and our kids have really enjoyed it.  The passages and activities are extremely engaging!

The Student Instruction Book gives all learners supportive instruction in-line with NC Reading Standards.  Lessons provide cross-curricular content including social studies and science themes.  The texts ares strategically chosen to strengthen reading skills and deepen student knowledge in core subject areas.

The cost of the book will be $15.00.  You may purchase additional copies for donation or another student.  Please make sure to update the “quantity” box.  Orders will be open until 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.  Please direct any questions to your child’s teacher.

The window to order your book is now closed.