November 2019 Milk Orders

150 150 Phoenix Academy Portal

Milk orders must be submitted and received with payment by Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 6:00pm for your child to receive milk during the month of November.  Please note that waiting until the last 30 minutes before cut-off will likely create issues in getting your order placed successfully.

An order is considered “successful” if you navigate through the form and make payment via PayPal.  You will receive an email confirmation from both PayPal and the Phoenix Portal System.  If you do not receive either e-mail, your order was NOT successful. (The Portal e-mail is triggered by successful payment at PayPal).  If you receive a PayPal email but NOT a Phoenix e-mail, please contact Mrs. Zapke.

If your student is ill or not in school, their milk will be delivered to them the next day.  Phoenix Academy does NOT issue refunds.

You have the ability to purchase an entire month of milk with “one click”.  Please select either 1% White or Skim Chocolate for your student to receive that option for the entire month.  If you would like to purchase an additional serving of milk on certain days, please proceed to the daily section as before.  The cost of milk for the entire month is $7.70 (plus any additional days you choose.)

For the normal “daily order” – If you do not select an option but fill out the quantity, your child will NOT receive milk.  Do not use this to order milk for more than one student.  This is only if you wish your child to have two cartons of milk.

  • (In case we need to contact you for issues)
  • (Please use your preferred e-mail address. You will receive a confirmation of your submission.)
  • Monthly Ordering

  • Please select the dropdown to receive either Skim Chocolate or 1% White milk during the month. Please do not use the "daily" options unless you wish to purchase an ADDITIONAL serving of milk.

  • Daily Orders

  • Please select a milk option and quantity for each day. By default, the selection is "none". If you do not make a selection for 1% White Milk or Skim Chocolate Milk, your child will not receive milk on that day.

  • 1st Week of November

    No Service (early dismissal on Nov 1st)
  • Second Week of November

    For November 4th to November 8th
  • Third Week of November

    For November 11th (no school) to November 15th
  • Fourth Week of November

    For November 18th to November 22nd
  • Fifth Week of November

    For November 25th (Thanksgiving Break begins on November 26th)
  • $0.00
    You will be re-directed to a PayPal payment page to complete your order. If you do not submit payment via PayPal, your order will not be added to the list of orders.
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