February 2019 Milk Orders

150 150 Phoenix Academy Portal

Milk orders must be submitted and received with payment by Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 6:00pm for your child to receive milk during the month of February.  Please note that waiting until the last 30 minutes before cut-off will likely create issues in getting your order placed successfully.

An order is considered “successful” if you navigate through the form and make payment via PayPal.  You will receive an email confirmation from both PayPal and the Phoenix Portal System.  If you do not receive either e-mail, your order was NOT successful. (The Portal e-mail is triggered by successful payment at PayPal).  If you receive a PayPal email but NOT a Phoenix e-mail, please contact Mrs. Zapke.

If your student is ill or not in school, their milk will be delivered to them the next day.  Phoenix Academy does NOT issue refunds.

If you do not select an option but fill out the quantity, your child will NOT receive milk.  Do not use this to order milk for more than one student.  This is only if you wish your child to have two cartons of milk.

The order window for February has now ended.