February 2019 Lunch Orders

150 150 Phoenix Academy Portal

Orders must be received and “in good order” by 6pm on Monday, January 28th, 2019.

Remember that a form is considered “in good order” if you have navigated the form and submitted payment by the deadline.  You will receive two e-mails – one from PayPal confirming your payment and the second from the Phoenix Portal System.  Phoenix will NOT accept payment via any other method.  If you received an email from PayPal but NOT from Phoenix Academy, please contact Mrs. Zapke.

Reminder – if your student is ill on a day you have ordered lunch, you may call the front desk to make arrangements to pick up your student’s lunch.  If Phoenix is closed due to inclement weather, please check our website, Facebook, or OnCall for alternate arrangements.  Phoenix Academy does NOT issue refunds.

Lunch orders are a FUNDRAISER.

The order window for February has now ended.